May 23, 2013

Duck And Cover - a bar in Copenhagen

Brasilian rosewood, black leather, dark walls and carefully muted light. Kasper Riewe Henriksen formerly of Ruby and a competitor at the Diageo Reserve World Class 2012 Global Final has opened a new bar in Copenhagen that send me right back to my childhood.

I loved an iconic Danish Design Magazine and it's adds for a certain kind of bookcase invented by Poul Cadovius that always had a glass of whiskey in it and a general feel of gentlemans club about it.

We arrived four very thirsty women and were warmly welcomed by Kasper himself who served us water and introduced us to the drinks list.

He is a very efficient bartender so we had our drinks very fast after making a decision. We had ordered a couple of Floral Fizzes, an Ipanema and an Rock Islands.

The latter was for me, and was the very happy marriage of Talisker and Honningsyp - a special mix of aquavit and honey the originated on the island of Bornholm out in the Baltic.

It was a lovely mix - mild smoke from the Talisker and sweetness from the honey. It reminded me of Penicillin - one of my favorite cocktails.

My three friends also enjoyed their drinks, so much so that the next round was one Floral Fizz, and Ipanema, a Gentlemans Cup and a Last Word for me. 

The Last Word was not on the drinks list - but now I know where I can get the best Last Word ever - it was more than perfect.

We visited Duck and Cover just after it opened on an afternoon of a public holiday. Not a busy time at all, but Kasper explained that it was fine with a slow start to get everything working and establishing routines.

I want to come back on a busy evening, and I know there will be many - the bar is in a perfect place in the neighborhood of Vesterbro, close to Lidkoeb a bar owned by the people who own Ruby and an up and coming cocktail spot in the city.

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