April 19, 2020

Dalgona Coffee Cocktail

Yes, the name of my cocktail is pure click bait - no I am not ashamed. Any other name I could come up with involved 💩 and that would be worse.

Let it be known that I do not like instant coffee in any way, shape or form. It taste like a mix of burned car tires, soy and cigarette ash. I would rather never drink coffee again than drink a cup of instant coffee.

Still those dalgona coffee pictures I kept seeing on Instagram and articles about the abomination from reputable sources intrigued me.  How could I not stick a dollop of the 💩 on top of a cocktail?

So I spend some time trying to figure out what cocktail to mix - perhaps a martini to tie it into the quarantini trend? No, too obvious - then I came across a bunch of gorgeous pink, freshly picked rhubarb on a table in front of a garden near by. At a very reasonable price so I decided to mess with a Kiliki Cooler.

So after cooking the rhubarb with sugar, a little lime - mostly to keep the color - and a bit of star anise I strained of the cordial and turned the mushy solids into a bit of cake for my afternoon coffee.

Then I was ready to mix:
  • 6 cl golden rum - I used Plantation Xaymaca
  • 4,5 cl rhubarb cordial
  • 1,5 cl grapefruit juice
  • 1,5 cl coffee syrup
I shook everything with ice and strained the drink into a glass filled with crushed ice.

Well, actually just before I shook the cocktail I mixed two tablespoons of instant coffee with two tablespoons of sugar end two tablespoons of hot water and using a handmikser whisked it to a consistency of meringue about to be piped.

It did collapse quite quickly after being piped on the cocktail. And how did it taste? Like a pretty mix of burned car tires, soy and cigarette ash - with sugar.

The cocktail however was good and I made another without the coffee  - lovely!