December 30, 2016

Hot Pink Flamingo

Ever since I saw a BBC video about flamingo chicks and the brightly colored "milk" they are fed just after they hatch, I have been thinking about creating a vivid flamingo cocktail.

Unfortunately most pink cocktails are more bland than hot and I wanted mine with a but of punch.

I finally came up with a solution: Using a riff on Brazilian lemonade as a pink base and then adding a bit of chili liqueur for the hot part.

Hot Pink Flamingo

  • 6 cl cachaca - I used Fio Do Bigode
  • 8 cl pink bergamotte-ade - Brazilian style*
  • 3 cl chili liqueur - I used Ancho Reyes
Measure everything into a shaker,  fill shaker with ice and shake for 10 sekunds. Strain into cocktail glass - garnish with a raspberry on a cocktail pick, serve with pinkish beet buttered pop corn**.

* Pink bergamotte-ade

Cut the two ends of a small bergamotte and then cut it into 8 bits but the bits and whatever juice that ran out into a blender. Add a 2-3 fresh og frozen raspberries - just to color the mix pink - add a few dashed of yuzu and 700 ml cold water. Blend for a few seconds, then strain the mixture and pour it back into the blender after rinsing it out. Now add 3 table spoons condensed sweeten milk and blend again. Taste and adjust color with more raspberries if necessary and the level of sweetness with simple syrup.

Strain and chill until you are ready for cocktails.

** Pinkish beet buttered pop corn   

Clarify 50 g of butter, then add some chili sauce and fresh beet juice or the pickling liquid from pickled beets and mix well. You may have to pour the mixture into a small jar and shake it to get the two to mix.

Pop corn and then coat them lightly with the red butter and salt. Serve hot.