July 24, 2019

The Pink Hare

For the third year running I was not in New Orleans at Tales of The Cocktail but that does not mean that I don't follow the event on SoMe.

I came across a picture of a delicious looking drink called The Pink Rabbit that Charlotte Voisey recommended. She is one of my cocktail heroes so I wanted to know more and try the cocktail.

Luckily Charlotte showcased the cocktail on her Proper Pour show on Small Screen Network back in 2016, so the recipe was easy to find.

Turns out it is developed by owner Craig Nelson from Proof in Charleston.

In my neck of the woods - remote part of Denmark - strawberry season is mostly over. I can get very expensive and not very tasty berries. I was contemplating that as I sat gazing on my very generous raspberries 20 feet away and decided to make a raspberry based cocktail. I have always liked raspberry and chili together.

Since the change of an ingredient calls for a new name, The Pink Hare seemed an obvious choice.

10 minutes later a homemade raspberry cordial was cooling in my fridge. Just the berries cooked with sugar - and since I had half a red grapefruit wasting away on my kitchen counter, I used a little juice but lemon juice or just water is fine. Sometimes I use a little star anise or indeed chili too, but this was without spice.

15 minutes before I was ready to shake my cocktail I mixed the milk and the cordial to let it infuse a bit. I just guessed at the amount of cordial needed.

  • 3 cl gin - I used Botanisk Gin - a local gin with a hint of raspberry actually
  • 3 cl Ancho Reyes chili liqueur
  • 9 cl raspberry milk - I used organic whole milk
  • 3 drops of mole bitters - I used Bitter end.
Shake everything with ice, strain into wine glass over fresh ice and garnish with a raspberry on a cocktail pick.