June 4, 2016

The Adder's Fang

Last couple of weeks I've read a bit about a lost Tiki and Hurricane ingredient called fassionola.

It's making a comeback, but I can't find a recipe anywhere only descriptions of a tropical fruit punch taste that I have no reference point for being Danish.

I did notice however that it is bright red and seasonal as it contains strawberry.

So I went to my local supermarket and stared at the stone hard mangoes and decided to make assionola - as I live in Asserbo, Denmark - from rhubarb and strawberries from my own garden.

In an original Don the Beachcomber recipe for the Cobra's Fang selected herbs are mentioned.

So I made my assionola by cooking 2/3 rhubarb with 1/3 strawberries, lemon juice, black pepper, sage and sugar and a little water.

Once I had strained the solids off - great on freshly backed baguette - I cooked the bright red cordial with a little extra juice to thicken it a bit and make it syrup like. I also added a dollop of Sriracha Sauce for a little venom.

Because obviously my goal was to rework the Cobra's Fang a bit. Just as Denmark has no tropical fruits - other than underripe, imported ones - we have no cobras or any other dangerous snakes.

We do have a pretty adder - it is slightly poisonous but only if you are allergic will you get more than a little discomforted. It's also rare - I have seen one once.

The Adder's Fang is a mild and refreshing take on a Cobra's Fang - but without Falernum. For one reason I do not like it. So I just upped the fassionola.

  • 3 cl golden rum - I used Appleton Estate Extra
  • 3 cl Lemon Hart 151
  • 6 cl assionla - see above
  • 3 cl lime juice
  • 3 cl orange juice
  • 3 dashes Angostura Bitter
  • 1 cl aquavit - I used Rød Ålborg
Measure everything into a blender, fill with crushed ice and blitz 5 times. Serve in tall glass or Tiki mug.