June 19, 2013

Mixology Monday LXXIV Cherries Round-up - part 2

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading about all the amazing contributions to Mixology Monday with a cherry theme in the first part of the round-up.

If not, hurry over, there are many pretty and tasty drinks to try and/or be inspired by.

Rowen of Fogged in Lounge leads off the second part of the round-up with a cocktail he calls Silver Spurs. It's the happy marriage of tequila, sherry and Maraschino liqueur.

In part one of the round-up we have already met Remember the Main, a Rye based classic cocktail that Nick mixed for us.

Jacob Grier from Liquidity Preference sends a variation of that cocktail. Anahuac has a tequila base and takes it's name from a Mexican navy ship. Unlike her American counter part, the Maine, Anahuac did not experience any catastrophic episodes at sea and was quietly scrapped in 1938.

Ceccotti from Bartending Notes takes us through three sours all mixed with Maraschino Liqueur. First one of my favorites, the Aviation and then the Prado and Prado Mineiro mixed on tequila and cachaca respectively and both made smooth with egg white. 

For the second time this MxMo black pepper pops up as a way to compliment the taste of cherry. Todd used pepper in his cocktail Backhand Compliment and Zach of The Venture Mixologist uses pepper in his cocktail.

When in France is a cognac based cocktail mixed with Leopold Bros Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur. Zach has infused the pepper in grain spirit for a pepper tincture, definitely something I will try.

Then let us head to the 70's cocktail culture. A time known as the dark age of cocktails. Mike from Disco Ginferno shows us otherwise with a cocktail from Playboy's Host and Bar Book from 1971.

The San Juan Sling is a rum based cocktail and looks amazing:

And then a warm welcome to a new participant in MxMo.  And what an impressive debut from Chris and A Bar Above. Not only his first MxMo post but with a video to boot.

The Lone Rainier is a wonderful sounding cocktail based on gin, with cherry, ginger and honey as tasters. And not just any cherries but the priced yellow and pink Rainier cherries developed in the state of Washington.

I don't know if it never happens, that two identical cocktails are submitted to MxMo. It didn't happen this time but we have two with almost identical names. Remember the corset fabric inspired cocktail Fred mixed? The Cherry Blossom Brocade.

Well, Scott of Sip, Strain & Sip has named one of his two entries Cherry Blossom. This gin based cocktail merges St. Germaine and a clear Cherry Liqueur for a real pretty result.

Scott gives us an excellent recipe for preserved cherries that he also uses as a garnish in his second cocktail Cherry Bomb. This is quite a tiki sounding cocktail mixed on rum with pineapple juice and clear cherry liqueur among other ingredients.

The good people of the eGullet Forums sends four lovely cherry cocktails to the party.

Chris Amirault mixed two cocktails with Cherry Heering. The first Tommy Appleseed is an exciting mix of Old Tom Gin, Apple Brandy and Ardbeg Scotch Whisky. His second offering is Sachaca Sling. No photos and I can't find a link deeper than this.

FrogPrincess calls her cocktail Cherry Pop but it's all booze - gin, Maraschino and muddled cherries. A deceptive looking drink definitely not for kids:

Fernet Branca and cherries in a cocktail? Haresfur thinks so and made a variation on the Fernet Cocktail from the Savoy Cocktail Book that also includes a home made Polish cherry liqueur and sounds wonderfully medicinal. This I have to try:

To round of MxMO LXXIV two cocktails that dares to use the word daiquiri in relation to cocktails not strictly rum, lime and sugar.

JFL of Rated R Cocktails mixes an Oregon Outcast - well blends actually - half a cup fresh cherries goes into this ice cold mix based on 12 year demerara rum

And I took my clue from a banana daiquiri with dried parsley and added a cherry liqueur drenched ice cone for the full disaster look in The Red Volcano.

UPDATE: I forgot Mark from Cardiff Cocktails in the round-up. Really bad manners especially as his contribution is an Aviation with extra cherry oomph. He calls it Carlig Cocktail and he adds both Cherry Heering and cherry bitters to a base of gin and Maraschino Liqueur and ends up with this pretty presentation:

So there you have it 33 34 amazing cherry cocktails to last you until the next MxMo. It I have forgotten anyone or misunderstood your creative ways let me know. Thanks for participating and thanks to Fred for keeping us all busy with MxMo.


  1. Thanks again Andrea!
    This was fun to work with

  2. You left me out! Although I was a day late...great write up, thanks for hosting!

    1. I am so sorry Mark - your great looking cocktail have now been added!