November 19, 2018

Swimming Pool

A few days ago I found myself in an indoor public swimming pool. I don't think I have visited one for close to 13 years. It was quite a good experience.

Very different from how it was in my childhood, where every winter the communal outdoor pool was covered with an inflated dome. It was bitterly cold inside and the stench of chlorine was over powering. 

Not so today and I was reminded how much I just to like swimming - I rediscovered the way my sense change tenor under water and how my body seems to embrace the very fist element it ever knew.

Once you have found your rhythm and just swim lane after lane the mind can wander freely - mine back to the days under the done, when - thankfully - the public school system in Denmark taught me to swim.

Yes it was a time of being almost blue with cold, of the chlorine stench and stinging eyes owing to the fact that swim google were unheard of for school children.  But it was also a time of being immensely proud when I earned a silver badge for being an excellent swimmer and going to swim meets - thankfully in real indoor swimming pools. Good times.

And what do you know? There is a cocktail encapsulating all of those feelings: The Swimming Pool.

It's blue, it's German and it contains vodka but it is so tasty:

  • 2 cl rum - I used Appleton Reserve Blend
  • 2 cl vodka - I used Ketel One
  • 1 cl Blue Curacao - I used my own
  • 6 cl fresh pineapple juice
  • 2 cl coconut cream - I used Coco Lopez but will make my own next time
  • 2 cl whipping cream
Add all ingredients to shaker (or keep the Blue Curacao back) shake hard and strain over crushed ice in a tall glass - could be a hurricane or a pineapple glass.

If you held the Blue Curacao back pour it over the back of a spoon. I personally think a Swimming Pool should be a solid blue but the floated variety looks cool too.

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