September 2, 2011

Blood and Sand

Does anyone name cocktail after movies, sports stars or other popular culture markers today? I don't know but it seemed to be very common in the golden age of cocktails.

So what to think about this cocktail that does look a bit murky? It's named after a 1922 movie starring Rudolph Valentino. In it he played a bullfighter, and the cocktail represents the mixture of spilled blood (from the bull of course not out hero) and the sand covering the bottom of the bullfight ring.

So don't strain your freshly squeezed orange juice, the bits of fruit represents bits of sand:

  • 4 cl whisky
  • 2 cl sweet vermouth
  • 2 cl cherry wine or liqueur like Cherry Heering
  • 2 cl fresh orange juice

Shake over ice and pour into a low ball glass. Garnish with maraschino cherries of fresh if in season.

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