September 10, 2011

Strong Coffee

For my birthday I decided to mix "my own" cocktail. I surprised even myself by not using gin as the base spirit, but I got inspired from a 300 year old Danish poem called strong coffee.

It was written by Ambrosius Stub (a very fitting name as Ambrosia is the Greek God of food and drink) at a point in his life when he had lost everything to drink - well fortunately not the ability to write poetry.

He wrote his poem not long after coffee was introduced in Denmark and with it the mixture of coffee and snaps (akvavit). Coffee without snaps was weak coffee and coffee with was strong coffee.

In his poem Ambrosius Stub laments the power of strong coffee to burn the blood and ruin your resolve.

Not heeding his warning I decided to mix my own strong coffee:
  • 5 cl snaps (Brøndum is best)
  • 4 cl Toussaint Coffee liqeur
  • 4 cl cream
  • Dash of chocolate bitters (I used Bitter Truth Xocolatl Mole)
  • 1 coffee bean
Mix the first three ingredients in shaker and shake long and hard.

Strain into ice cold martini glass, add a dash of chocolate bitters and gently grate the coffee bean on top as a garnish. Then drink to Ambrosius Stub!

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