August 10, 2012

Hello Kitty

A coworker asked me if I knew about a Hello Kitty cocktail or if such a drink even existed.

While having never come across one I had no doubt, given the Japanese affinity for both cocktails and the cartoon that somewhere someone had thought up such a concoction.

Google was not a lot of help - several mentions - but no consensus on anything. So I figured I would make one.

I've always loved the Clover Club Cocktail - the sheer pinkness of that drink is overwhelming. I love that it looks girly but packs a punch - and the fact it is named after a gentlemens club. I can just see those captains of industry getting slushed on foamy pink cocktails.

This summer the Southside has also been a lovely libation. The other day as I had a bit of homemade raspberry cordial left over from another project an idea started to develop:
  • 6 cl gin
  • 1,5 cl raspberry cordial *
  • 1,5 cl lemon juice
  • 6 leaves of fresh mint
  • Ginger Beer
Muddle the mint gently at the bottom of a shaker, add raspberry, lemon juice, gin and ice and shake until very cold. Strain into chilled high ball glass over fresh ice, top off with ginger beer and garnish with a few cherries.

And yes it's a variation on Audrey Saunders wonderful Gin Gin Mule  - so you could just call it a Raspberry Gin Gin Mule if Hello Kitty cramps your style.

* Raspberry Cordial: Cook a good handful of very ripe raspberries with 0,5 dl sugar and the juice from one half lemon for about 5 minutes until berries are falling apart. Work through fine mesh sieve to get all juice out of it. Cool.

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