January 8, 2016

Cherry Sour

10 years ago three men had a brilliant idea: The wanted to make wine from cherries. In the land of Cherry Heering that might not sound like such a groundbreaking thing but it was.

They decide to actually make wine from berries picked right at the front door of the winery, berries with different characteristics depending on where they grow.

The resulting Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin is amazing and thankfully they have been hugely succesful. One of the three men is a coworker of mine, and he have supplied me with a few bottles over the years including the cherry liqueur this sour depends on.

  • 6 cl Islay whiskey - I used Ardbeg 10 year old
  • 9 cl freshly squeezed juice from blood oranges
  • 0,75 cl amaretto
  • 0,75 cl simple syrup (maybe less if your oranges are sweet, mine were lovely and sour)
  • 1 cl cherry liqueur
  • 1/2 egg white
Add all but the cherry liqueur to a shaker and shake hard for 10 sekunds without ice, then add ice and shake until the shaker turns icy on the outside. Strain into lowball glass and then add the cherry liqueur - add it in one swift motion so that it settles on the bottom of the glass live a glowing, red January sunset. 

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