July 17, 2011

Dark and Stormy

Dark and Story is the national drink in Bermuda and a very nice mixture of ginger beer and black rum.

If you get a taste for it, Jeffrey Morgenthaler has an easy recipe for making your own ginger beer, which is fun to try and impresses guests.

If you buy it, I personally like Old Jamaica Ginger Beer - it's more spicy than the other kind available here which is Fever Tree.

Stir with ice in a not too fancy but comfortable glass - you are not in a cocktail bar you a sitting on the beach in a tropical paradise somewhere ;) Garnish with sprig of mint.


  1. Do try a Mark n' Stormy - the bourbon makes for a slightly less sweet highball, and the vanilla notes of Makers Mark work well with the ginger.
    I'm with you on Old Jamaica - I'm trying to get my hands on their newish extra fiery version!

  2. I will try it - the one on your blog looks very tasty. I didn't know they had an extra fiery version - that sounds like something I will like.