July 10, 2011


As with so many cocktails the origins of the Negroni is not clear.

I personally like the one, where count Camillo Negroni walks into Caffe Casoni in Florance and after a long and hard day of doing whatever Italians counts did right after the first world war askes to have his ususal apertif The Americano spiked with gin.

I can see that scene in my minds eye, he would be wearing a eggshell colored three piece suite much like Gustav von Aschenbach in Death in Venice.

And that would wonderfully off set the amazing color of the Negroni.
  • 3 cl gin
  • 3 cl Campari
  • 3 cl sweet (red) vermouth

Pour the ingredients in a low ball glass, add ice and stir until drink is chilled.

Can be served with a lemon twist and be aware that it is a powerful aperitif - it will in other words make you powerfully hungry.

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