August 26, 2013

Harvey Bonghead

This morning I took a catch up tour on Small Screen Networks many lovely presentations and I came across Jamie Boudreau's video How to Smoke a Cocktail that I have somehow missed previously. 

Also as I had found one of the most intriguing entries to the latest Mixology Monday was Feu de Vie's Wind Whisperer I figured the cocktails gods were trying to tell me something: Get smoking

I settled on building something from bourbon, rum, Galliano, lemon, rose tincture and burning Earl Gray tea.

As a gear junkie my first impulse was to buy a smoke gun, but I took a cue from Kate's solution and my bank manager thanks you for that.

So method was mostly inspired by Kate and drink mostly from Jamie Boudreau and the name is thanks to expert marketing of the Galliano company.

First set up your cocktail ready to shake:
  • 4 cl bourbon - I used Bulleit
  • 4 cl rum - not too sweet I used Barbancourt 3 star
  • 1,5 cl Galliano
  • 1,5 cl lemon juice
  • 5 drops rose tincture
Next find a way to burn some Early Gray tea leaves and collect the smoke. Not knowing what to expect smoking and smell wise I set it up on my little grill: A piece of aluminum foil shaped into a little tray, a broken wooden chopstick on two sides of a small pile of Earl Gray tea leaves, an upside down funnel to direct the smoke into an inverted glass bottle.

It worked well and once I had a bottle full of smoke, I corked it and brought it into my kitchen where I gave the cocktail a good shake with ice and strained it into the smoke bottle before pouring it into a coupe and garnishing with a pretty flower. I figured bongheads were into flowers back in the day, weren't they? I can't remember.


  1. :D This looks delicious, Andrea! (glad I could be an idea-source) I need to try this out when I get home. The bergamot note in the earl grey smoke sounds mind-blowing here.

  2. Earl Gray is the only tea I have because of the bergamot. Sometimes in January I can get fresh bergamot fruits. This would be amazing with fresh bergamot juice in place of the lemon. Hope you like it.

  3. I could go for one of those right now :o)