November 7, 2014

Genetic Polymorphism

I have loved the taste of violets since the first time my Dad brought home some lovely chocolates filled with violet creme from one of the oldest chocolatiers in Copenhagen.

Today one of my favorite teas is the black tea with violet from Kusmi.

And then sometimes in the late 1970s or early 1980s when stuff like hummus and coriander/cilantro hit these distant northern shores I fell in love with Coriandrum sativum and to this day it's my favorite herb.

But you can't love those to distinct tasts without encountering people who hate one or both.

I've learned it's no good arguing about it, people are genetically disposed for either love or hate. And to honor that fact I decided to mix with both:
  • 4,5 cl gin - I used Sipsmith VJOP which really stood firm against both C & V
  • 3 cl lime juice
  • 1,5 cl simple syrup
  • 0,75 cl Creme de Violette - I used Bitter Truth
  • bunch of fresh cilantro/coriander
In a shaker add the lime and syrup and muddle the cilantro/coriander for a bit. The measure in the gin, add ice and shake well.

Strain - or in case you find bits of herb in cocktails indelicate double strain - into glass. Pour the Creme de Violet gently in for a layered effect.

Personally I love bits of herb in drinks, so I did not double strain.

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