February 9, 2020

Not quite Bananas Foster

While listening to the wind and rain outside I realized it’s Tiki Month!

As luck would have it I had just started my first batch of banana oleum yesterday. It was meant for a bourbon cocktail tasting like Bananas Foster (originally created by @the_cocktailguy I think. )

But I figured that is not nearly tiki enough. Yes there are a few bourbon tikidrinks - but I was hankering for something else.

The recipe was a good starting point. So I mixed:
  • 6 cl golden rum - I used Plantation Xaymaca 1,5 cl Fernet - I used Stork 
  • 3 cl banana oleum - 3 peels with a tenth of their weight worth of sugar left for 24 hours in bag and agitated once in awhile then strained 
  • 1,5 cl lime juice 
  • 1,5 cl cream 
Shake everything with ice and pour unstrained into tiki mug and add pineapple soda.

Garnish with a dolphin and a silver flamingo cocktail pick.

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