August 28, 2019

Angostura Colada

Upon my first quick browse through Cocktailwonk's - or Matt Pietrek’s - amazing book Minimalist Tiki I noticed three cocktails straight away to try out first. On closer inspection it turned out I could only make one of them as the cocktail hour came around in my household: The Angostura Colada.

The cocktail is developed by Zac Overman in New York who now co-owns a restaurant/bar in Seattle. 

As anyone who has tasted a Trinidad Sour knows a cocktail with Angostura Bitter as it’s base can work. So I was not apprehensive about the 4,5 cl the recipe called for. I was however a little concerned about the marriage of coconut and Angostura.

I really don’t much like traditional Christmas spices in sweet things and I feared it might be too much. It wasn’t - the lime and pineapple works it’s magic and the drink has a solid medicinal tast that I really like. I will definitely mix it again:
  • 4,5 cl Angostura Bitter
  • 1,5 cl Aged over proof Jamaican rum - I used Plantation OFTD
  • 3 cl Lime juice
  • 6 cl Pineapple juice
  • 4,5 cl creme of Coconut - I used  Coco Real Creme of Coconut
Shake everything with crushed ice and serve in a big glass topping the drink of with fresh ice. Garnish with an orange slice and the prickly bits from a pineapple if you have them. You can grate som nutmeg on top - I did not, so as to not over Christmas spice the drink.

Enjoy - oh, and if your new to Tiki or an expert, get the book - It’s solid. And no this is not an ad - I bought my own copy. It you are in Europe and the price of shipping on Matt’s homepage scares you - you might use the same solution I did and buy it from the Netherlands

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